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This website is for propagation of new developments in the field of Surgical Oncology.

This site is not for any kind of promotions of practice or attracting patients. The basic aims are,

  • Share my surgical oncology experience to new generation surgical oncologist.
  • Educate non-medical, common public about various types of Cancer, Onco Surgery, Surgical Oncology and the various treatment modalities of solid tumors.
  • To make common public aware about the adequate medical qualifications and training required for the medical personnel to treat solid tumors.

Solid Cancers usually need combined modality of treatment, i.e. Surgical Oncology or Onco Surgery, Radio therapy and Medical oncology. Those tumors, which cannot be treated, are referred to Palliative medicine.

Let me explain Cancer Surgery in simple terms. Cancer surgery (Surgical Oncology) is the branch of surgery which treat solid tumors by removing it from the human body. Surgical Oncology, Onco Surgery, etc. are the other names used to describe this speciality. After getting his master degree in general surgery (MS) the general surgeon needs to undergo three years training in surgical oncology and pass MCh. to become an eligible consultant to treat solid tumours. This is official recommendation of medical council of India.

What are solid tumors? Cancers that affect body parts like tongue, lip, oral cavity, larynx and pharynx, oesophagus, lung, stomach, liver, small and large bowels, rectum, pancreas, breast, melanoma, skin cancer, etc. are commonly called as solid tumors.

Female cancers like breast cancer and cancer affecting cervix, endometrium, ovary, vagina and vulva are also treated with surgical oncology, along with medical oncology and radiation oncology.

The correct oncological treatment of cancer depends on the analysis of tumor sample by the onco pathologist. The best outcome in Surgical Oncology (Onco Surgery) treatment need a good support of good perioperative team including anesthesiologist post operative intensive care team dedicated nursing team counselors and stoma care team.

Any doubt regarding any form of cancer can be solved through this site. No direct contact with the Doctor is allowed. Doubts will be received and cleared in question answer section.

Many radical cancer surgeries and organ conserving surgeries like Breast Conservative Surgery can be done by a cancer Surgeon specialized in Surgical Oncology at a hospital near you.

Cancer surgeries are fast advancing and many a times organs can be preserved using modern surgical techniques. Regular cancer screening helps early detection and cure of most of the cancers.


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